PJO with Fryeburg Academy Jazz Ensemble

Date : 19 / Jan / 2023
Time : 8:00-10:00 p.m.
Address : 181 State Street Portland Me 04101
Tel : 207-761-1757

PJO with the Fryeburg Academy Big Band, Jan. 19th

One Longfellow Square

The holidays are behind us now, the house seems back to normal and life is getting a little more sane. Take a moment to come out and hear some live music at One Longfellowsquare with your Portland Jazz Orchestra on January 19th, with guest band, Fryeburg Academy Jazz Ensemble.

Happy New Year to all jazz lovers. Your Portland Jazz Orchestra is starting off the new year by kicking off our guest high school band series.  This month, on January 19th, the Fryeburg Academy Jazz Ensemble will join PJO.  PJO’s tenor saxophonist, Mike Sakash, is also the musical director of this fine high school ensemble and has brought this fine group to perform at OLS in the past. His group is always filled with creative, talented students.   Mike, and his ensemble, will play a “set” during the PJO break. What a great way to start your new year with two big bands in one night!

It’s always great to see the future of jazz coming alive through these high school students. January 19th will start your 2023 off right!

Book your seats now to hear your Portland Jazz Orchestra, and the Fryeburg Academy Jazz Ensemble, kick off 2023 guest band series.


It’s a Waltz Man // Portland Jazz Orchestra - Nor'easter
  1. It’s a Waltz Man // Portland Jazz Orchestra - Nor'easter