PJO at OLS with Falmouth and South Portland HS bands

Date : 16 / Apr / 2020
Time : 8PM
Address : 181 State Street Portland, Maine 04101
Tel : (207) 761-1757

PJO with 2 bands, Falmouth HS and South Portland HS!!!

181 State Street, Portland Me

Wow, another great night of jazz coming your way.  Portland Jazz Orchestra will be hosting two great local high school bands this month.  On April 16, we’ll invite two great bands to play at OLS along with your Portland Jazz Orchestra.  Falmouth high school, under the direction of PJO Pianist, Jake Sturtevant; and South Portland high school lead by PJO trumpeter, Craig Skeffington.  PJO with 2 great high school bands…… better book your seats soon as this night will be extra full (translation: sold out!).

So, book soon and come out to hear 3 bands in one night!  An evening with PJO, Falmouth highs school and South Portland high school!

It’s a Waltz Man // Portland Jazz Orchestra - Nor'easter
  1. It’s a Waltz Man // Portland Jazz Orchestra - Nor'easter